Our Activities

Our activities are positioned very carefully: they are of extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailored to the clients needs such that they will enable individuals to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies.These Include:

  1. Gorilla Safaris
  2. Mountain Climbing and Hiking
  3. Caving
  4. Chimpanzee trekking
  5. Birding safaris
  6. White water rafting on the Nile
  7. Boat excursions
  8. Nature walking
  9. Sport Fishing
  10. Chimpanzee sanctuary at Ngamba Island
  11. Ssese Island
  12. Uganda Wild life education Centre
  13. Cultural tour sites and City Tours
  14. Mountain biking and riding
  15. Eco tourism
  16. Crocodile and Hippo Safaris
  17. Game viewing
  18. Forest Guided walks